PHD Studies

The study programme of Artistic Dance and Performance is conducted during three academic years and is worth 180 ECTS credits.

The objectives of this study programme give students the chance to study artistic dance and performance on a higher academic level, as well as to study for doing a qualified work related to management in arts and artistic production management in culture institutions. The goal of this study programme is aimed at improving the knowledge and acquired artistic skills and methods in Master’s academic studies that are applied in certain scientific procedures in achieving high artistic results, and further in the processes of cultural development, such as planning public cultural activities and the like. Students study and apply modern methods and techniques of artistic research in order to successfully prepare a Phd dissertation planned by the study programme.

The outcome of studying is an educated student equipped with active artistic and theoretical knowledge, skills and competences for performing public, collective and individual cultural and artistic activity. The classes of doctoral study programme for ARTISTIC DANCE AND PERFORMANCE are interactive, they include creative workshops, media labs, they encourage students to think and be creative and independent in their work by application of acquired knowledge. Students are guided by their mentors throughout this study programme. Students cooperate directly with their subject and course teachers, they check their acquired knowledge practically, they have got the opportunity to express their individual and team creativity and to develop critical thinking. Students are expected to promote and deepen general and theoretical knowledge in the field of arts, as well as to possess skills and ability for methodically correct work connected to solving artistic-research problems. Students are made skilful for taking part in the artistic work in the field of Artistic Dance and Performance after having successfully passed their exams, finished projects, and written and defended doctoral dissertation.

Students acquire the diploma with the title of Doctor of Arts – Drama and Audiovisual Arts.

Students who scored either 300 or 360 ECTS credits during their previous academic-study education are allowed to enrol this study programme.

Year 1

  • Methods of Artistic Research
  • Study-Research Work 1
  • Artistic Dance 1
  • Installations and Performance 1
  • Electives 1 – Researching Theatre / Art Theory
  • Electives 2 – Media Lab – Digital Arts / Applied Dramaturgy
  • Electives 3 – Synergy and Transformations 1 / Choreography 1
  • Study-Research Work 2

Year 2

  • Electives 4 – Artwork Concept / Artwork Production
  • Artistic Dance 2
  • Electives 5 – Media Lab – Conceptual Art / Ballet Directing in Opera
  • Installations and Performance 2
  • Writing Techniques of an Artistic Theory Work
  • Electives 6 – Synergy and Transformations 2 / Choreography 2
  • Preparation of a Phd Artistic Project
  • Study-Research Work 3
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