Undergraduate studies

Undergraduate academic studies of Artistic Dance last for three years, i.e. six semesters. The title of Drama and Audiovisual Artist – Artistic Dance (180 ECTS) is acquired by completing this level of study.
The study programme consists of compulsory and elective subjects. Students can influence their structure of studies by choosing different elective subjects and in that way form their academic professional profile.

Compulsory subjects enable students to master classical and contemporary dancing methods;
they provide a theoretical basis for students to learn the basic principles of aesthetics and psychology of art and provide basic knowledge in the field of classical and contemporary art, choreography and scenography.

In addition to art subjects, students learn both English and another foreign language of their choice, as well as subjects related to artistic-dance marketing, organisation and management which provide them with guidelines on how they can raise funds, organise and perform stage and theatre projects in the future.
Elective subjects train students on how to further their skills in the field of dance, choreography or pedagogy.

Classes are conducted in accordance with the most modern teaching methods of the world and they follow the rules created by the European Association for Quality Assuarance in Higher Education, which enables the artistic-dance programme of the Institute to be internationally recognised, i.e. to provide international professional recognition to its graduates.

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