Belgrade dance institute

Belgrade Dance Institute is established in 2014. The Institute offers the first accredited study programmes within undergraduate and postgraduate studies that give students the academic education in the field of highly professional artistic dance (Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Stage Folk Dance and Music), Choreography and Ballet Pedagogy. The programmes in the Institute are based on the contemporary concept and are run by the prominent professors both from Serbia and from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.
Belgrade Dance Institute organises undergraduate and master academic studies in the field of Artistic Dance. After the completion of undergraduate studies, students are awarded with the title of Drama and Audiovisual Artist, and after the completion of master studies, they are awarded with the title of Drama and Audiovisual Master Artist. Undergraduate study programme comprises of both compulsory and elective courses. Compulsory courses enable students to master classical and contemporary dance methods, provide a theoretical basis for students to get acquainted with the basic principles of aesthetics and psychology of art and provide basic knowledge in the field of classical and contemporary choreography. In addition to art subjects, students study both English as the compulsory foreign language and either French or Spanish as an elective foreign language, as well as subjects related to marketing, organisation and management in the artistic dance that enable them to raise funds, organise, and perform stage projects in the future.
Classes comply with the most contemporary methods and with the rules of the European Commission for Checking the Quality of Higher-Education Programmes, which allows the Institute programme to be internationally recognised, i.e. to provide further mobility to our graduates. There are two Master study programmes at the Institute: Artistic Dance and Dance Performance Master Studies – IUI Transition Dance Company.

Master study programmes aim to provide students with the education at a higher academic level in the field of highly professional artistic dance and production in art and culture, as well as to train students for qualified work in cultural institutions in the field of Art Management and Artistic Production Management. Study programmes are aimed at improving knowledge and acquired artistic skills and methods during the undergraduate academic studies and at achieving high artistic results, and further at the processes of cultural development such as planning public cultural activities and the like.

As of the school year 2019/20, the Institute offers accredited Phd studies in Artistic Dance and Performance. This study programme lasts for three years and a student is awarded with the title of Doctor of Arts – Drama and Audiovisual Arts.

The outcome of studying at the Belgrade Dance Institute is an educated student equipped with active artistic and theoretical knowledge, skills and competences to perform both collective and individual cultural and artistic public activity.

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