The Academic Folk Ensemble

The Academic Folk Ensemble of the Belgrade Dance Institute was founded in the second half of November 2022 with the aim of educating young individuals interested in the field of artistic dance, popularizing and promoting stage folk dance, music, and songs in our country and abroad.

The idea was initiated by students of the department to unify and present the work of the department, as well as the need to showcase new choreographic forms through frequent performances, concerts, and guest appearances.

Throughout the year, the ensemble, orchestra, and singing group welcome interested candidates, students from ballet high schools, members of cultural and artistic societies, and individuals passionate about folklore, music, and song.

Thanks to the professional approach and work of the leaders, young folk dancers have a wide range of opportunities to refine their dance skills within the AFA IUI, expand their knowledge of traditional Serbian games, and participate in various projects of the department, ensemble, and the Institute.

The Academic Folk Ensemble is led by Boban Kostić, a graduate drama and audio-visual artist and a teaching associate at the Belgrade Dance Institute.

The singing group “Đurđe” is led by Maja Radivojević, MSc in ethnomusicology. The recreational group is led by Nevena Antić, a graduate drama and audio-visual artist.

The folklore school is led by Tamara Ljesar, a graduate drama and audio-visual artist, along with students and members of the performing ensemble Danica Kadović, Katarina Gajić, and Nemanja Pavić.

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Photo: Lana Antonijević

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