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The Belgrade Dance Institute invites potential students to apply for the enrolment of the first year of Phd studies in Artistic Dance and Performance.

The study programme lasts three years, is worth 180 ECTS credits and after completing it, the students merit the title PhD in Arts – Drama and Audiovisual Arts.

The students who have earned at least 300 ECTS credits during their previous academic studies are allowed to enrol this study programme.

Entrance exam

The ranking list of students is made on the basis of the achieved success during previous studying (GPA and the length of study) and on the test of knowledge, aptitudes and abilities. The knowledge type, preferences and abilities of candidates are determined on the basis of an interview conducted by a specially formed commission.

Candidates who apply for the study programme Artistic Dance and Performance are required to take an entrance exam which consists of the analysis of candidates’ artistic-and-professional-work portfolios, then of the interview with the Commission, as well as of the English language proficiency test.

Applications for Artistic Dance and Performance Phd studies are open until September 15th 2023. Applications are collected via email .

Documents which should be enclosed when applying for these studies:

  • Application Form (it is provided on the Institute on the day when one is applying for the studies)
  • Certified photocopies of diplomas or the original Certificate of graduation of all previously completed levels of study,
  • Certified photocopies of diploma supplements or the original Certificate of passed exams of all previously completed levels of studies,
  • Birth Certificate,
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV),
  • Portfolio of works of Art,
  • Proof of costs payment for organising the entrance exam (original payment slip/receipt). The costs of taking the entrance exam are 5,000.00 dinars.

For all additional information, you can schedule consultations every weekday (working day) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by calling 011 41 40 421 (from Serbia) / 0038111 41 40 421 (from abroad/ outside Serbia) or via email .

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