Youth ballet

The Youth Ballet Dance Company was founded in 2019 within the Institute for Artistic Dance with the aim of educating and promoting primary and secondary school students in the area of ​​Belgrade and Serbia.

The company is led by Milica Bezmarević, the first ballet soloist of the National Theater and Assoc. Mila Stijak, professor of the Institute for Artistic Dance in cooperation with visiting pedagogues of that institution. The accompanist of the Youth Ballet Company is Prof. Ana Spremić. The company’s work plan is to perform a regular repertoire program consisting of Gala concerts, ballet suites, one-act ballets, full-length ballet performances and original choreographies of classical heritage. The company’s work is aimed at preparing students for future professional work in the ensemble.

The Youth Ballet realized a large number of concerts within the program of the National Theater and the Wolf Theater, in which students of primary and secondary ballet schools performed.

The Youth Ballet realized the first Gala concert on October 26, 2019. in the Vuk Theater. Students of primary and secondary ballet schools presented themselves to the audience in front of the full auditorium of the Vuk Theater, as part of the program designed by ballet master Bahram M. Juldashev with the assistance of Ivanka Lukatelli, Milica Bezmarević, Assoc. Mile Stijak and accompanists Prof. Ana Spremić.

As part of the program, numbers from the ballet Pahita, Sleeping Beauty, Raimonde, Harlequinade were performed, and the demanding classical ballet repertoire was performed by: Anastasija Vujnović, Anđela Laušević, Anastasija Nikčević, Andrea Tot, Polikseni Kurtanović, Milena Janković, Teodora Mirić, Olja Aleksić, Elena Pejić, Natalija Tapić, Dunja Senić, Jelena Milošev, Jelena Milovanović, Nikola Korac, Ksenija Sinđić, Vladimir Sekulić, Lazar Tirić, Sara Ivanović, Una Petrović Poljak, Jana Đorđević, Lana Migrić, Iris Čano, Lara Rodrigues Ristic, Lena Ćulibrk, Luna Povrenović, Sara Jaćović, Minja Nikodijević, Mila Jović, Ana Svorcan, Teodora Đurđević, Lana Prodanović, Filip Stanić, Anđela Đurić, Ana Đeković, Dea Medaković, Ana Radošević.

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