07. February 2024.


On Friday, February 9th, 2024, the Belgrade Dance Institute will host professors and dancers from the Dance Studio of the Zagreb Youth Theatre, who will perform the play “The Changing Room” at 4:00 PM in the New Space of the Institute (Bulevar vojvode Mišića 43A).

The Changing Room

Living in a society that on one hand offers freedoms that were recently taboo, and on the other constrains with the rules of the system, young people often feel confused. “The Changing Room” is a heartwarming story about the search for expressing one’s personality within the world and ways of accepting diversity. How and where do we fit depending on the clothes we wear? Discarded does not mean unusable.


Luna Ritz

Tea Vujnovac

Ema Pavlaković

Anita Ivek

Lucija Oroz

Hana Stranić

Korina Čovčić

Choreographer: Marija Bitunjac

Director and Dramaturge: Grozdana Lajić Horvat

Music Author: Milorad Stranić

Poster Designer and Photographer: Marija Jakolić

Since its foundation, the Zagreb Youth Theatre has developed program guidelines based on questioning new theatre practices, education, and artistic work with children and youth as well as audience development. In its seventy-five years of existence, this Zagreb theatre has established itself as one of the more agile Croatian and regional theatres, which with its program fosters innovative thinking about performance and expanding program interests from primary theatre activity to social and artistic actions. Seeking new theatre models, it opens its view towards other, complementary arts as well as towards a constant space for collaboration with other theatres and theatre festivals in the wider region and Europe.

Admission to the performance is free with prior notification via email: institutzaumetnickuigru@gmail.com


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