06. December 2021.




In the Great Hall of the Student Cultural Center on Friday, November 5th, starting at 19.00, Alisa Oravec presented her master thesis work – a contemporary dance performance We Killed Mom (almost) in front of a three-member committee and the audience, Prof. Dijana Milošević, mentor and members of the commission Prof. dr Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović and Prof. Dr. Miomir Petrović.

According to the text by Dragana Kožan, the play was performed by Aleksander Zain, Marija Tomić, Isidora Poledica, Miloš Janjić, Martin Marek, Ana Lipij and Alisa Oravec.


The costume for the show was made by Tereza Veber Oravec, the masks by Sandra Veber, and the make-up by Andrea Bisa.


Photography Srđan Veljović (Politika).

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