06. December 2021.




The premiere of the contemporary dance play We Killed Mom, Almost, by Alisa Oravec, will be performed on November 5th, 2021 in the Great Hall of the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade, starting at 7 p.m.


It is uncertain what can happen to man due to climate change on the planet Earth.

Man has caused catastrophic changes, which will be his demise if he does not harmonize with nature in the near future. Unfortunately, the situation is already very alarming. Will a man be punished for his behavior? Does man feel the planet Earth as a living being that kills every day for the sake of his comfortable life? Will Mother Earth overthrow him from the throne of the industrial and technical revolution, or is Mother Earth, like any mother, compassionate and still trying to get her worst child back on track? How much strength, patience, wounds will she need in this fight? Can the world leaders solve a problem, or will they repeat the history without a solution? Can a person’s consciousness and conscience be awakened?


The play We Killed Mom, Almost is a master thesis work by Alisa Oravec at the Belgrade Dance Institute under the mentorship of Prof. Dijana Milošević, by which the author wants to send a message to the viewer how she sees the relationship between Mother Nature (Earth) and man. For a man, whom the Mother (like every mother) struggles to pull him out of the abyss and put him on a better path, other warnings come. If much stronger natural forces than man are activated, humanity loses its future. There is another obligation of humanity, and that is to awaken from the material world and breathe its divine nature within itself. Then they will see how wonderful and harmonious life is on Planet Earth, Alisa Oravec emphasizes.


The play is performed by Alisa Oravec, Aleksander Zain, Marija Tomić, Isidora Poledica, Miloš Janjić, Martin Marek, Ana Lipij.

Interpretation of the text by Alisa Oravec, text We killed Mom – Dragana Kožan, lights by Aleksa Stojanović, tone by Dejan Kolarski, costume by Tereza Veber Oravec, mask by Sandra Weber, make-up by Andrea Bisak.


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