13. July 2023.



The Belgrade Dance Institute announces a call for applications for enrollment of students in the first year of doctoral studies in Artistic Dance and Performance. The study program lasts for three years, carries 180 ECTS and after its completion, students obtain the title PhD in Arts – Drama and Audiovisual Arts. Students who have completed a minimum of 300 ECTS in their previous academic studies are eligible to apply for the program.

The entrance exam will be held on September 21st, 2023, at 3:00 PM, at the Belgrade Dance Institute.

The ranking list of students is made based on their previous academic achievement (average grade and length of study) and their knowledge, tendencies, and abilities. The type of knowledge, tendencies, and abilities of candidates is determined by an interview conducted by a specially formed committee. Candidates applying for the program in Artistic Dance and Performance are required to take an entrance exam, which consists of analyzing the candidate’s portfolio of artistic and professional work, as well as an interview with the committee.

Applications for the entrance exam can be submitted online by completing the application form (https://www.iui.rs/upis-na-doktorske-studije) or by email at prijave@iui.rs.

The deadline for application is September 15th, 2023.

The documents for application are to be submitted to the faculty’s student service by September 20th, 2023.

The ranking list of accepted candidates will be published on September 25th, 2023, on the faculty’s website.

The enrollment of candidates who have passed the entrance exam will take place from September 25th to 28th, 2023, at the faculty’s student service.

Documents required for application:

• Application form (received on the day of registration at the faculty)
• Certified photocopies of diplomas or the original graduation certificate for all previous levels of education
• Certified photocopies of diploma supplements or the original certificate of passed exams for all previous levels of education
• Birth certificate
• Professional biography
• Portfolio of artistic works
• Proof of payment of the cost of organizing the entrance exam (original payment receipt). The cost of taking the entrance exam is 5,000.00 RSD.
• For any additional information, consultations can be scheduled every working day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM by calling 011 41 40 421 or by emailing prijave@iui.rs.


The study program in Artistic Dance and Performance spans over three academic years and consists of 180 ECTS credits. Students who have completed 300 ECTS credits in their previous academic studies or 360 ECTS credits are eligible to enroll in this study program.

The objectives of this study program are to provide students with high-level academic education in the field of artistic performance and to equip them with the necessary skills for qualified work in cultural institutions in the areas of artistic direction and management of artistic production. The program is aimed at enhancing knowledge, artistic skills, and methods acquired through master’s academic studies, which are applied in specific scientific procedures to achieve high artistic results, as well as in cultural development processes, such as planning public cultural activities, etc.

Students will study and apply contemporary methods and techniques of artistic research to successfully prepare their doctoral dissertation, as prescribed by the study program. The outcome of the learning process is an educated student who possesses active artistic and theoretical knowledge, skills, and abilities to engage in public, collective, and individual cultural and artistic activities.

The doctoral study program in Artistic Dance and Performance is interactive and includes creative workshops, media labs, encourages critical thinking, creativity, and self-reliance through the application of acquired knowledge. The implementation of the study program is carried out through mentoring. Students work closely with subject teachers, practically test their acquired knowledge, have the opportunity to demonstrate individual and team creativity, and develop critical thinking skills. It is expected that students will improve and deepen their general theoretical knowledge in the field of art, as well as possess skills and ability to methodologically correct work in solving artistic research problems. Upon successfully passing exams, completing project tasks, writing and defending a doctoral thesis, students are qualified to engage in artistic work in the field of Artistic Dance and Performance.

After completing doctoral studies, students receive a degree: PhD in Arts – Drama and Audiovisual Arts.

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