20. September 2021.

The Decameron at the BITEF Polyphony

The Decameron at the BITEF Polyphony


The Decameron 2020 play is performed at the theatre Teatar Vuk at 5 p.m. within the BITEF Polyphony on 22nd September 2021.

The Decameron 2020 project was created as a part of the Master thesis by the graduate student Mina Ćirić under the mentorship of  Dijana Milošević on the Master studies at the Belgrade Dance Institute.

It is a dancing story in ten rounds. We turned the experience of isolation into the scenes of individual processes of recovering, with all the obstacles, failures, pain, shifts of mood, and humour as a defense mechanism. One didn’t even know what they were looking for until they’ve found it, but the search itself was something meaningful. “Just as the characters in famous The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio, we gathered to make a good story out of something uncontrollable to us,” says the author and choreographer Mina Ćirić.

The author is going to talk with the audience after the play.

This project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

Production by the Belgrade Dance Institute

Choreography by Mina Ćirić  

The play is performed by Mina Ćirić, Isidora Poledica, Natalija Jevtović, Tara Tanović, Tanja Ivanov, Andjela Žugić, Ana Obradović, and Jelena Cvetković.

Songs by Jelena Stanković and Marko Milošević (Chorbika)

Costume by Miloš Janjić

Choreographer’s advisor is Danka Sekulović.

Photography by Tanja Drobnjak

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