07. November 2023.




Sophie Bocquet, a French choreographer and contemporary dance pedagogue, will conduct guest lectures on contemporary dance at the Belgrade Dance Institute from November 6th to November 24th, 2023.

Sophie was educated at the La Rochelle Conservatory. She has been involved in the work of numerous dance companies, particularly highlighting her work with the Christian and François Ben Aïm company. In 2008, she founded her own company, Cie SB – Association Pied de biche.

As a choreographer and author, Sophie explores in each of her works a close connection that links dance and writing. She performed her first solo, Golden girl, which involved work on text and choreographic composition in 2008.

She created a solo triptych: Golden girl (2006-2007), Slim (2009-2010), Lily ‘my happiness’ (2011-2012). Then a trio: Jungle ‘Losing is a question of method’ (2014), Filip (2016) solo.

Life is a party it seems… (2017) quartet; performance Listen to me (2018) trio; No promise today (2020) quartet, inspired by a short story by Raymond Carver.

Since 2017, she has worked with the American literature lecturer Claire Fabr Clark, an experimental workshop “Dance and Literature” / Transversal option created in partnership with the University of Paris Est Créteil and Mac de Créteil. Workshops were held in Romania at the University of Bucharest in 2020.

Since 2015, she has been involved as a coach and performer in the project Tumulus Voiage Geo-Poetikue, Cie Die Donau, Balkans (Kosovo, Hungary, Moldova).

A common thread in all her works is a strong connection to a specific social context explored during the creative process. In her work with dancers, actors, and musicians, Sophie questions the presence of artists on stage, the relationship of the body to intimate and collective space. Her research focuses on individual stories that can join collective imagination, making the intimate body a social body.

“I start from a minimal, almost harmless event that is always the starting point for my works. At the center of my attention are the collection and isolation of seemingly insignificant fragments of life. Working on them and moving them into the realm of play, thus outside the context, allows me to give them autonomy and dignity.”

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