06. December 2021.




The dance performance of the Sofia by Bitef Dance Company, choreographed by Felix Landerer and performed by students Jakša Filipovac and Nikola Živković, and alumni Tamara Pjević and Branko Mitrović, premiered on the stage of the BITEF Theater on Sunday, November 7th, starting at 8 pm.


In addition to students and alumni of the Belgrade Dance Institute, the play is performed by Ana Ignjatović-Zagorac, Ivana Savić Jaćić and Stasa Ivanović (alternations Natasa Gvozdenović, Miona Petrović, Dušan Bajčetić and Nea Janković).


The play raises the question of the human mind and its seemingly diminished capacity to recognize the fact that it is sabotaging its own future. Based on a rethinking of ideas about people and their connection to what surrounds them technologically and organically, Felix Landerer is toying with the idea of ​​a recognized human catalog of movement and connection. Ideas about what we can adapt to, what belongs to us and what does not, determine the parameters for his approach to this topic.


We can take a prosthesis as an example, as a symbol of something that belongs to us or not.


The piece is set as a kind of exhibition. Exhibitions of human behavior and the body as something perfect. Something with flaws. Something natural. Something that could be a reminder of the natural world we were once involved in.


Music by Christof Littmann; costume by Selena Orb; scenography by Isidora Spasić; organization by Marija Takić.


Photography by Nenad Šugić

Taken from the BITEF THEATRE site

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