22. December 2021.




The traditional SHOWCASE of the Belgrade Dance Institute will be held on the Great Stage of the Student City Cultural Center on December 21st, starting at 8 pm – presenting students of all departments and years of this higher education institution.


What unites contemporary dance, whose starting point is chance, silence, geometry, with classical ballet that brings the music of the eternal Shostakovich or Tchaikovsky and choreography invented by the famous choreographer Marius Petipa with the heritage of Russian and Slovak folklore?

The Belgrade Dance Institute in Belgrade, in its annual presentation of student works, done under the guidance of excellent pedagogues and choreographers, manages to unite these three fields of stage play during one evening, providing an interesting and exciting program to the audience.

In choreographies Za 6 (For 6) and 86268 4226, choreographer and pedagogue Ognjen Vučinić leads students on the trail of an experiment, started by one of the greatest innovators of contemporary dance – Mers Cunningham and John Cage, introducing abstraction and chance into the concept of dance and a completely different treatment of music and sound. The choreography For 6 is performed without music, reminiscent of the legendary piece 4’33 by John Cage, who believed that everything we do can be music, but also leading the dancers to full concentration and increased awareness of others in space.

Choreography 86268 4226 examines the work with coincidence that conditions the movement of dancers on the stage, writing enigmatic paths.

Ballet master and prima ballerina Amalia Mindrutiu from Romania, visiting professor of classical ballet, repertoire and methodology at the Belgrade Dance Institute and head of the Youth Ballet Company, realizes complex cooperation between young dancers from the Youth Ballet, students, professional dancers from the National Theater in Belgrade and guest players of the National Opera of Timisoara. They will show the range of their skills, playing variations from the famous ballets of Eugenie Onegin and Don Quixote, among others, but also with the shocking and magical song Adios Nonin (Goodbye Father) by Astor Piazzolla.

Graduate Boban Kostić and his colleague, a third-year student at the Department of Stage Folk Dance and Music Nevena Antić, chose an interesting approach, exploring the heritage of Russian folklore and its contemporary staging (Kostić) as well as the heritage of Slovak folklore through the story of the great writer Alexei Nikolayevich Tolstoy through a love duet (Antić), thus also reminding our audience of two great cultures, says the author of the text Prof. Dijana Milosevic.



Admission for the audience is free with all measures and restrictions on the number of audiences.

Reservations are made via email to teodora.zivkovic@iui.rs


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