10. October 2022.




Prof. dr Miomir Petrović, full professor at the Belgrade Dance Institute and the School of Engineering Management will speak at the promotion of Lije Stojković’s book Film as a Propaganda Tool in Nazi Germany. The promotion will take place in the Multimedia Hall of the Vlada Divljan Culture Center on October 6th at 7 p.m.


In addition to Professor Petrović, an author Lija Stojković and Dr. Maja Vukadinović, media expert, will talk about the book. Moderator: Aleksandra Malushev, journalist.


By abusing film and the specific language of moving images, totalitarian regimes developed a new and effective propaganda weapon in the first half of the twentieth century. Due to the influence of historical circumstances, simultaneously with the innovative boom and the growing popularity of the seventh art, Europe was shaken, first by war, then by the October Revolution, the economic crisis and the birth of fascism. While researching the techniques of shaping public opinion, the creators of cultural policies of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and the Soviet Union noticed that the young media represents the most effective means of mass communication and manipulation. That is why they formed special departments for propaganda, working out the mechanisms of influence and social control.


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