08. December 2022.


The premiere of The Secret of the Golden Thread by Alisa Oravec, a student of the second year of doctoral studies in Artistic Dance and Performance at the Belgrade Dance Institute, will be performed on Wednesday, December 7th, 2022. In the hall of the MZ Vojlovica (Trg Vojvođanskih Brigada 5, Pančevo), starting at 7 p.m.



The performance deals with the image of a woman from her primordial becoming, with all the feminine attributes that are woven into her. Her spiritual companions Suđaje bestow her with beauty, love and wealth, however, there is also her suffering and sorrow that should develop and strengthen the threads that only a woman can weave in her being as the most noble weaving. As she grows and matures from a girl into a woman, she is followed by the Suđaje with their gifts, which a woman should wisely and patiently nurture and protect from external attacks, which represent a great obstacle on the way to fulfilling her life’s mission. 

We will symbolically name her Eve. It is the primordial female essence of the Universe, woven with love, beauty, wisdom, fidelity, honor…

But you don’t get everything by birth, you have to fight for it. That’s why she is always accompanied by the gifts of Fairies of suffering, who prepares life’s burdens and pains for her. Not in order to break her down and wrap her in sadness, but to supernaturally strengthened her. A Slavic woman is the one who can reach the image of the Goddess, if she approaches every attack thoughtfully, opposes it wisely and without violence, if she puts her family before herself, if she has faith in love and perseveres until the last hope. 

The woman is a weaver. She was given as a gift by Mokoš, the protector of women, who taught her to weave the threads of fate and decorate them with noble love. A woman weaves a shirt for her husband. A woman cannot fully realize herself either as a mother or as a ruler of the Universe if she does not have a husband by her side whom she will love as a part of herself. The woman weaves golden marriage threads. It is the thread that binds the Wife and the Husband. Temptations that torment a woman give birth to caution and the possibility of a thoughtful solution and mastering of the situation, without rushing and surrendering to desires and urges. She does not surrender their kingdom, which is besieged and eaten by jealous robbers. She does not allow the place of her king to be taken by unworthy, jealous and envious usurpers. 


Unfortunately, at the end of it all, the modern age destroys, destroys and throws into oblivion that secret, the secret of the golden thread of a woman, but also of her man, and classifies it in myths and fairy tales, which almost no one deals with anymore and which no one and he doesn’t pay attention.



Eva – Alisa Oravec

Mala Eva – Ana Holok

Suđaja Ljubavi and Lepote – Jana Marek

Suđaja Bogatstva – Miona Pavlov

Suđaja Iskušenja and Patnje – Ana Lipij

Mokoš – Danijela Holok

Muž – Martin Marek

Sin – Martin Holok

Iskušenja – Dejan Kolarski, Dejan Uršičić, Miroslav Oravec


Light: Aleksa Stojanović

Sound: Philip Bisak

Costume: Tereza Weber Oravec

Makeup: Andrea Bisak

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