09. June 2022.



Wednesday, May 25th

20.00, Great Hall

Open Theater of the Student City Cultural Center


Students of the Belgrade Dance Institute, Mirela Božić and Una Balaž, collaborated with the author’s team on setting the play Organism, which will be premiered on May 25th at the open theater of the Student City Cultural Center.



Directed by: Milica Kvrgić

Assistant director: Lidija Đurašević

Author of the text: Boris Postovnik

Production: Marija Aleksić

Production assistant: Vladislav Marković

Scenography and costume design: Katarina Mijailović

Music: Petra Perović

Choreography: Mirela Božić with the assistance of Una Balaž

Lighting design: Sanjin Aleksić

Costume design: Vesna Balać

Technician: Nikola Nikolić

Graphic design: Petar Vasiljević



Heart: Marko Čupić

Brain: Ivan Blagojević

Stomach: Nebojša Pribičević

Buttocks: Dušan Pavlović

Right leg: Đurđica Đurović / Tamara Mladenović

Left leg: Sara Pavlović / Marija Marijanović

Right hand: Djordje Momcilovic

Left hand: Lazar Tešić

Tongue: Luka Golubović

Liver: Katarina Veljović


Author’s word:

“Every living organism is a system that functions according to some laws of nature. Only man function according to the laws of reason, which is often not in accordance with the laws of nature, but as a rule is in conflict with them, and thus in conflict with himself. The play Organism tells us how different our feelings are from the imposed norms, conventions and moral values. Thus, we become prisoners of the expectations of the environment not to be different and to merge into the mass of mediocrity. Every man carries within him a conflict between reason and sensitivity, which, almost as a rule, breeds rebellion. How to achieve harmony and balance of aspirations and needs is the ultimate goal of every living being, and this show only opens up the questions and social problems we face every day, and I hope it will provide some answers. “


Boris Postovnik


Director’s word:

“I am immensely glad that Boris Postovnik had the confidence to leave his first play in the hands of an inexperienced but ambitious student. Already at the first reading, Organism occupied my thoughts. This piece in an interesting and unusual way shows the problem of a modern young man to show the world what he is. The constant feeling that we have to adapt often limits us from stepping out of our bubble of comfort in which we live. This comedy is created as a product of the work and good will of young and dedicated people. I hope it warms the hearts of the audience, just as they warmed mine. “


Milica Kvrgić


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