07. March 2022.




A dance performance for children and adults Možiček by Slovenian composer Josip Ipavac will be performed on the stage of the Small Theater Duško Radović, and choreographed by Gjergj Pervazija and Aleksandar Ilić.

The dance performance Možiček, which consists of two choreographic works, was premiered as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the death of the composer Ipavac on December 27th last year at the Slovenian People’s Theater in Celje (Slovenia). The first part of the play RE: start was done by Gjergj Pervazi, a choreographer from Albania, and the second part of the play Možiček by the Serbian choreographer Aleksandar Ilić.

The play is performed by players of the International Dance Platform Balkan Dance Project Mojca Majcen and Patricija Crnkovič from Slovenia, Branko Mitrović from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jakša Filipovac from Serbia and musicians Iztok Kocen – piano, Uroš Bičanin – violin, Zoran Bičanin – violin, Miha Firšt – double bass.

The author’s team consists of Slovenia and Serbia, dramaturgy by Nuša Komplet Peperko, scenography by Matija Kovač, costume by Aleksandra Karović, lighting by Aleksander Plut.

Production of the Balkan Dance Project co-produced by the House of Culture Celje, the Velenje Festival and the Association of Professional Ballet Dancers, Choreographers and Ballet Teachers of Serbia.


The play will be performed on the stage of the Dushko Radović Small Theater on Tuesday, February 8th, starting at 8 p.m.


Photography Rok Deželak

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