07. March 2022.





As part of the Day of Russian Culture organized by the Historical Archive of Srem in Sremska Mitrovica, on January 25th, the premiere of the performance Powerful Women with Love Speak will be performed on the stage of the Dobrica Milutinović Theater, starting at 6:00 p.m.


The performance is based on the book of the same name by Mirjana Marković (STRONG WOMEN LOVE VEŜAÛT – MIGHTY WOMEN WITH LOVE SPEAK) which, like the book, talks about famous women in Russia and Serbia, and is performed in Russian and Serbian.


Rulers, nuns, painters, poets and muses are immortalized with the words of the deepest emotions and the need for the love of all existence on Earth. It is a poem of the essential concept of love, and the driving and justifying force not only of the lives of individuals, but also of the millennial survival on our planet, states the writer Marković.


Directed and dramatized by Mirjana Marković, costume by Igor Jagić, and video production by AsproArt – Walker Duja, hairstyles and make-up by Frizerski studio IN.


The performance is performed by members of the Youth Ballet Company Anastasija Vujnović, Sofija Radovanović, Anastasija Nikčević, Tijana Drndarević, Anastasija Jovanović, Ana Svorcan and Ana Đerković, as well as Isidora Božić, Nikolija Marković, Margarita Vujović, Ekatarina Orlova, Olena Pantelić, Jasna Arbanas, Danijela Stoj Savić, Katarina Jovanović and Ethno group Hram.


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