24. January 2022.




An audition was held in Podgorica on December 23rd for members of the Ballet Studio, which will operate within the Music Center of Montenegro (MCCG), and the first performance is planned for April 29th, 2022. on World Dance Day, it was announced after an audition submitted by eight dancers.


The audition was led by Iva Bojović Petković, the director of the Lujo Davičo Ballet School in Belgrade and professor at the Belgrade Dance Institute, and the members of the commission were Aleksandar Ilić, choreographer and director of the Belgrade Cultural Center, Isidora Damjanović, business director of MCCG, Jelena Jovanović Nikolić, director of marketing and communications. MCCG and Manja Pavićević, professor at the Art School of Music and Ballet Vasa Pavić.


The audition was conceived in such a way that in the first part a ballet class was held where the members of the commission had the opportunity to see the predispositions of the candidates, evaluate their stage, musicality and memory exercises, while the second part evaluated freer expression within the improvisation of modern dance. When the work of a new dance ensemble is established and starts, we always deviate from the unique grading system. It is necessary to find uniformity and balance, which is important for one ensemble, to see how it works together, to see the energy that is created between the girls who are auditioning, said the famous Serbian ballet artist Aleksandar Ilić.


The business director of MCCG, Isidora Damjanović, MA, said that during the audition for the selection of members of the ballet studio ensemble, they were guided by criteria determined by the members of the commission who are proven professionals in the world of ballet art.

As announced from the MCCG, the creation of a professional ballet ensemble in Montenegro has been waiting for a long time, and now finally graduated ballerinas and ballet dancers have the opportunity to develop and work in their profession.

The first premiere will be performed on April 29th, 2022, on World Game Day, the organizers announced.


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