18. April 2022.





Prof. dr Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović will perform today, April 6th, 2022. year, performance Everyday Room within the International Scientific Conference PARTICIPATORY PRACTICE OF PERFORMING ARTS IN THE DIGITAL AGE at the Rectorate of Arts organized by the University of Arts in Belgrade and the University of Birmingham and which will be held from 6-8 April 2022.


You can watch the performance online via the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ylPLkAKzR8Vgcf-nzlxLQ 


Title: Everyday room

Media: Multimedia installation

Authors: Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović and Ivica Stjepanović


The multimedia installation Everyday Room is a project that was presented within the International Festival of Art and Human Rights at the exhibition You Must Be a Zenithist, at the Neon Gallery in Belgrade, on February 24th, 2022.


Everyday Room is a response to new reflections on nature, man and art in the relationships that are established in the networking of personal, physical and social dialogue of this artistic couple, whose work considers the determinants of everyday life but also in a vicious circle that even one hundred years since the inception of Zenitism has faced the same social problems.


Reacting to the text by Ljubomir Micić, Thank you, Beautiful Serbia…, a spatial installation was created that corresponds to two video works.


The video works were created during the state of emergency due to the corona virus pandemic. Performances performed for the purpose of recording video works are performed by the authors and are recorded as intimate portraits.


The video work of Ivica Stjepanović In this country, it represents the artist’s speech in the first person and the transformation of the character, which is characterized by its caricature and deformity. The song that the artist sings while constantly looking into the lens is an author’s text that was created ten years ago with changes in the organization of the socio-political system.


Video work by Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović Hafetopija, (fear of touch), considers changes in lifestyle and social interactions (life without hugs, kisses and touch) and which have led to a state of anxiety that can be identified with the symptoms of this phobia. The video work points to the need for touch, for tactile and manual action through returning to nature.


The video works are placed in a symbolic way that draws attention to the digital over the current, to the communication that is increasingly realized in this way and places the conversation of two artists in a new context that symbolically takes place above the text of Ljubomir Micić, constantly warning us.


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