18. April 2022.





The exhibition One Minute Forever opened today at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. The exhibition was opened by the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Mariana Kolarić, the curator of the exhibition Jerome Suns, Karin Traun Miller, the Deputy Ambassador of Austria, the Minister of Culture and the Prime Minister Maja Gojković.


At the invitation of the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, students and professors of the Belgrade Dance Institute performed for the opening of the exhibition entitled One Minute Forever by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm.


The performances were performed by Professor Ognjen Vučinić, doc. Katarina Bućić, undergraduate students: Vladimir Sekulić, Senja Stanić, Lazar Tirić, Una Stepanović, Nina Horvat, Tijana Ostojić, Miona Petrović, Sonja Stojanović, doctoral student Ivana Milenović Popović, and alumni Đurđija Jelenković.


The exhibition will open on April 7th, and students will participate in the performance until August 9th, when the exhibition ends.


In addition to the mentioned one-minute sculptures (One Minute Sculptures), the exhibition also presents other iconic works by the author, such as Narrow House, Fat Car, Fat House, abstract and performative sculptures, but also accompanying media in which the artist works continuously and which are an integral part of his artistic vocabulary, such as photographs, video works, performances, drawings and paintings, as well as significant new production.


Especially for the exhibition in Belgrade, Wurm performed a new series of his performative sculptures in clay, according to the models of the most important buildings belonging to the Yugoslav modernist heritage of Belgrade. In this regard, this comprehensive exhibition, conceived as introspective rather than retrospective, seeks to showcase Erwin Wurm’s rich and diverse oeuvre, as well as the diversity of media in which the artist creates and constantly develops and researches in parallel.


Photography Nemanja Maraš

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