13. February 2024.


On Tuesday, February 13th, a Master class in classical ballet will be organized at the New Hall of the Belgrade Dance Institute starting at 3:00 PM, led by Olga Pango, a Macedonian ballerina, choreographer, ballet pedagogue, and director of the Macedonian National Ballet.

Olga Pango is one of the most renowned Macedonian ballerinas and choreographers. Since 2016, she has been the artistic director of the ballet at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. In parallel, she has built her career in the world of dance as a ballet artist, head of the National Ballet, as well as a choreographer and ballet pedagogue, making a significant contribution to the development and affirmation of ballet art. She began her ballet education in 1980 at the MBUC “Ilija Nikolovski-Luj” where she completed her primary and secondary ballet education. She continued her career as a ballet artist in the NOB Ballet. Concurrently, she perfected her skills and graduated in 2004 from the Academy of Music and Dance Art (AMTII) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and in 2005, she earned her master’s degree at the same academy in the class of ballet master, pedagogue, choreographer.

Her work experience from the earliest years has been built in her home company of NOB, where she participates in all aspects of the development of ballet as an art, as a ballet dancer, but also as a teacher, shaping future generations of successful ballet artists with whom she shares her knowledge and experience, and leads the Macedonian ballet ensemble with a precise vision for the development of this artistic profession. Her choreographic works leave a special, recognizable mark and enhance the contemporary choreographic expression through her work. Her choreographies are part of the NOB repertoire and affirm the Macedonian ballet scene in the region, along with numerous international performances.

As a ballet artist, choreographer, and head of ballet in NOB, she has received numerous awards as a confirmation of her artistic talent and unique visual expression. She is a member of CID – UNESCO – International Dance Council, under the patronage of UNESCO. The master class is intended for elementary school students (from the age of 13), secondary ballet schools, and university students.

All interested parties can apply via email at office@iui.rs with the subject line – Master Class by Olga Pango.

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