07. June 2023.




Kinetic drawing, as a visual documentation of movement, is another interesting, exciting, and creative way of connecting movement and visual art that students of the Master’s program in Artistic Dance and the doctoral program in Artistic Dance and Performance at the Belgrade Dance Institute in Belgrade explore.

Everything that young professional dancers encounter—choreography, exploration, and direction—is somehow involved in the creative process of kinetic works. The trace left by the dancer’s body movement connects dance improvisation and visual art. The dynamics of improvised movement, in accordance with emotional states, dictate the shape, texture, and continuity of the work. These are artistic forms that achieve maturity in the moment of their merging.

Kinetic drawings serve as a means of documenting and preserving movement, which is the focus of creative explorations that combine art game and visual art conducted by students at the Belgrade Dance Institute.


Prof. Dušica Pejić


Photography by Nemanja Maraš 

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