IUI dance company

In 2020 IUI Dance Company (BDI Dance Company) is founded by the Belgrade Dance Institute with the aim of promoting contemporary dance and making it popular, as well as educating all those interested in this field.

The idea for launching this company has come from the need for developing dance scene in Serbia and for making the possibility of working in the company.

The head of the company is the choreographer and contemporary dance professor Ognjen Vučinić, with the assistance of Katarina Bućić, a teaching associate in contemporary dancing.

The company is made for secondary school students and other talented individuals who opted for this form of artistic expression. Those who attend the classes in the company improve their dancing skills through working with various guest pedagogues; they also broaden their knowledge of contemporary dance and choreography, and participate in the projects of the Belgrade Dance Institute.

The classes are given twice a week in the ballet room of the Belgrade Dance Institute.

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