12. October 2021.

Interpolations - a festival of contemporary art

Interpolations – a festival of contemporary art


Artists Vladimir Čubrilo and Katarina Bućić performed at the Interpolation festival in the Great Hall of SKC. They conveyed messages to the audience with their dance movements.


– The stage is like an existing, hopeless environment in which I am looking for a function. I seek myself through those who look at me, and some even see me. I am a link that once existed a long time ago and has now decided to be born. My body is far more than the imposed function of life – says Vladimir in this performance, and in Katarina’s “story” it is written that “during life a person goes through phases that shape him into what he is or will become, or it is only the current state in which we are now. The phases of the Moon are a consequence of the revolution of the Moon around the planet Earth. We follow it’s movements every day as well as our steps. “


The festival program, in which young artists participate, began in August and lasts until November 7th, and it features 13 authors. The goal of the festival is to promote contemporary art through the production of dance performances in Belgrade and is a continuation of the long-standing presentation of auto performances nurtured by the Mimart theater. The author and coordinator of the project is Lidija Antonović. As an art photographer, she chose the name of the festival to be called Interpolations, taking into account that it comes from a procedure that means optimizing the quality of the image. Lydia says that as an interdisciplinary artist, she applied this procedure in the field of contemporary play, because artistic play can be seen as a series of images that appear and disappear in space.


– During the COVID-9 virus pandemic, each artist had the space and time to think and analyze his work and game techniques that he developed and are developing in the world, as well as to ask questions about their capabilities and the future development of their path of contemporary art – says Antonovic and adds that some of these questions are: what drives dancers now, does the achieved technique allow further development of an individual or a group, why is innovation required, what can be discovered, which and what function does the new work have…


– Techniques of interpolation of choreography and artistic performance of contemporary dance can bring answers to some of these questions, but also open a number of other important issues in the development of contemporary dance on the domestic scene – the organizers say. The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture.


Photographies taken by: Lidija Antonović


Article taken from the POLITIKA site.

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