16. September 2021.


I – a Doll



Performance I – a Doll

17th September  at 7 p.m.

Students’ Cultural Centre – Big stage


The artistic project I – a Doll is a doctoral artistic thesis of Marina Bukvički, made at the Belgrade Dance Institute within her doctoral studies in the Artistic Dance and Performance department.

This project pays homage to our prominent scientist Mileva Marić Einstein, dealing with her life from a completely different point of view. It is designed to be performed as a multimedia communication (audio, video, film and performance), so that it consists of two parts being performed synchronously (a film of 90 minutes and a performance in which the artist makes visual recordings on painting canvases set in the room). This is not only a story about Mileva Marić who was a woman unfairly left hidden behind both her husband and the society she lived in, but it is also a story about all women having gone through a destiny similar to hers or who are currently living it.

I – a doll is a story about love and betrayal, about what we are able to sacrifice just to be accepted. Moreover, she is raising the question which was also the motive for making this project, asking: “How much does love cost?”


Author – Marina Bukvički

Performers – Marina Bukvički and Ivan Nikolić

Composer – Ivica Stjepanović

Audio – Ivan Nikolić (Einstein 1) and Stanoje Matić (Einstein 2)

Photography and Video – Zoran Milojević

Costume – Marina Bukvički and Snežana Pešić Rajić

Production – UMP



Marina Bukvički was born in Belgrade, Serbia, where he graduated from her primary and secondary schools. She graduated Acting from the Faculty in Cetinje in 1999. She received her master’s degree from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 2009 when she specialised in Meyerhold’s Biomechanics within Theatre Studies. She is currently a student of doctoral studies at the Belgrade Dance Institute. She is a professor of Stage Movement in the subject Acting. She is a member of CID (which stands for the International Dance Council). She is an official member of the World Mime Organisation (WMO). In 2019 she held a presentation of her work at the Students’ Cultural Centre (SKC) with her students.

Since 1995 she has performed on all important stages of the former Yugoslavia as well as abroad, and has also been a participant in numerous, important theatre festivals. She also collaborated with the Montenegrin multimedia artist Sanja Perisić in several projects and some of them were awarded. She has performed many theatre plays to this day and some of them stand out as the most important (J. Reza, Art; Haruki Murakami, When the Night Falls, Octagon Theatre of the MiMart Movement, Yudmila Razumovskaya, Dear Yelena Sergeyevna, Auto-performance, Happy Days, To the Festival of Auto-performance, E. Bond, King Lear, R.W. Fasbinder, Anarchy in Bavaria, I. Koreksić, Crossroads, MiMart Movement Theatre, directed by Nela Antonovic, H. Pinter, Old Times (a piece made and performed in English), S. Koprivica, To the South by a Grain, J.P. Sartre, Behind Closed Doors, V. Nikolić, Between Us and the Blue Sky, The Theatre of Shadows, directed by B. Kolevska Belova (award-winning play at the theatre festival in Bulgaria), I.M. Lalić,   World War III, R. Vojvodić, Montenegrins, Paola, S. Milatović, The Museum of the Cycling Uprising in Montenegro, a multimedia project directed by Slobodan Milatović, N. Antonović, Network, the Networking of Dreams, MiMart Movement Theatre, Murray Schisgal, Love, R.W. Fasbinder, Bitter Tears by Petra von Kant, D. Dukovski, Cabaret Balkan. She starred in several domestic and foreign films, such as The Love Case of a Post Office Employee, the first Serbian remake of the film of the same name by Dušan Makavejev, Shaving by Petar Mitrović, The Story of Miloš Branković, Red Dawn, The View from the Eiffel Tower, The Count of Montenegro, YU, Savior, Originals, then in a TV series Emergency Centre, in radio drama by D.Vuksanović Orbs, Little Souls, and also in several significant commercial projects. He is the author of the book Biomechanics in Contemporary Theatre, currently being prepared for publication and intended for students of acting, students of contemporary dance, performers, pedagogues, as well for as all those who are interested in performing arts.


The entrance is free. Please, due to the limited number of available seats, you should book your seat by writing to the email teodora.zivkovic@iui.rs .

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