19. April 2023.


Movement deconstruction



Dance emerges in a moment and leaves no trace. Using the body in motion as a tool to draw, artistic works on the theme of movement and rhythm deconstruction were created. Through this process, movement was transposed into a visual work. The energy of movement was captured by integrating visual arts and artistic performance.

Master’s degree students from the Artistic Dance program and doctoral students from the Artistic Dance and Performance Studies program at the Belgrade Dance Institute in Belgrade transposed movement created in the ballet studio into a visual plane. By using photography and drawing, they reduced the line of the body and movement to an abstract form.

Inspired by some of the dance poses, artist-performers realized visually abstract artistic pieces by changing the perception.

The project Movement deconstruction was created following the approach of Wassily Kandinsky and his work Dance curves, which is one of the ways of connecting performance and visual arts. Additionally, works from the series Rhythm are materialization and preservation of movement realized in the flat material Forex.

During the working process, research was conducted into different ways of connecting artistic performance and visual representation. By changing focus and approach, our perception and understanding of reality and life were enriched through a different way of thinking, observing, and realizing. Connecting performance and visual arts within contemporary artistic practices is an important part of different approaches.

Assoc. Prof. Dušica Pejić


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