29. June 2022.





The dance piece Metronomy, created by the Serbian-Belgian choreographer Tamara Gvozdenović, will premiere at the National Theater on the Raša Plaović stage in Belgrade on July the 1st at 20.30h.


The production stars Katarina Bućić, Sonja Stojanović, Angela Mihova, Una Balaž, Miona Petrović and Tijana Ostojić.

The original music for this production is signed by the French artist Kangding Ray, while the assistant choreographer is Ognjen Vučinić.


Discussing her production, the choreographer states: We build our common future by considering the contrasts: the construction against the deconstruction, the parallels, the crowd against the loneliness, the in-between, the negative space, the shadow, the transformation of the bodies , the change of the space, the change of the perception and the perspective. “To create, first we will destroy. Everything we have built, we will destroy. We will erase everything we believed in. We will forget all the faces we have seen. We will not start from scratch. We will keep the foundations. In pieces. We will collect. Some will remain. We will choose. Some will be forgotten. Lift up. Step off. Valorize. Destroy.


After studying visual arts in Neuchâtel, Tamara Gvozdenović enrolled the prestigious Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance in London, where as well our famous choreographer Aleksandar Ilić obtained his Master’s degree. After her studies, she presented her first dance production, Sainte Marie Joseph de la Rose, at the Théâtre du Pommier in Neuchâtel, and the following year she created Sous le Cou (p) du Lapin and her third production Light Scream. In 2014, she joined the famous Belgian dance company Peeping Tom in Brussels.


She is the founder of Le Facteur, a dance company formed of a group of artists, based abd working between the Switzerland, France and Belgium. She presented herself to the Belgrade audience last year taking part of the first edition of the Festival Solo with the production Tombés.


Confirmations of arrival and reservations are made via email teodora.zivkovic@iui.rs 

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