29. June 2022.





The graduation performance LOVERS by Andrea Dobrić, Nina Pantović and Ana Gliksman, premieres on the stage of the Theater on Hill (Teatar na Brdu) on Monday, June 27th, starting at 8 p.m.


Given our closeness, we decided to unite personal experiences and make a piece that we can live while dancing, and which deals with falling in love and love itself.

What makes love relationships specific is that they are at the same time an exploration of ourselves through someone else; it largely depends on our will to open up, on our ability to overcome fears and give faith to our feelings.

Especially in the modern age, the concept of love relationships is complicated and it seems as if it is moving further and further away from its essence, which lies in what is right, what is biological and primordial for every human being.

This play does not trivialize love by giving an answer to the question of what it really is or how to experience it correctly.

Our wish is to give the audience a basis to feel love through this play, because its greatest beauty is that it can only be felt in its own way,

the authors state.


Performers: Djordje Galić, Dejan Bošković, Dimitrije Cincar Kostić, Ana Gliksman, Andrea Dobrić and Nina Pantović.

Creative associate: Sara Radulović;

Costume design: Nataša Vranešević;

Light design: Vladimir Živanović;

Music: Miloš Stevanović;

Mix and master: Nemanja Obrenović;

Photography: Jana Andjić.


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