06. December 2021.




The Gala Concert of classical ballet, choreographed by Ballet Master Amalia Mindrutiu (Romania) and performed by the Youth Ballet Company, will be premiered tonight, November 27th, on the Grand Stage of the Student City Cultural Center, starting at 8 p.m.

The Youth Ballet glorifies the music and the beauty of the movement. The concert is filled with variations of classical ballet. Over thirty performers from the Youth Ballet company, students of the Belgrade Dance Institute and ballet dancer from the National Theater will take part on the stage. The young dancers will show variations such as Polonaise from the ballet of Eugenia Onegin, a variation from the ballet Swan Lake (pas de trois), Waltz of Love, a variation from the ballet Don Quixote (third act), the Russian Game and the Dance of the Clocks. Composers Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Amilkare Punkieli and Ludwig Minkus.

The Gala Concert will be performed by Ksenija Sinđić, Lazar Tirić, Danijela Simić, Vladimir Sekulić, Nina Horvat, Luka Pejčinović, Una Stepanović, Senja Stanić, Nastasja Ivetić, Nikola Korać, Teodora Durać, Sofija Radovanović, Tijana Drndarević, Anastasija Vujnović, Ana Svorcan, Petra Vitanović , Anastasija Jovanović, Ana Đerković, Sofija Grbić, Mia Boieru, Anja Boieru, Lena Sokolović, Lana Prodanović, Tea Gmitrović, Andrijana Marin, Amber Seghier, Ema Stojković, Tea Manojlović, Filip Stanić, Sonja Milovanov and Gabriele De Fazio.


Assistant choreographers are Doc. Mila Stijak and Milica Bezmarević and music associate is Ana Spremić.


The Youth Ballet Dance Company was founded in 2019 within the Belgrade Dance Institute with the aim of educating and promoting elementary and high school students in Belgrade and Serbia.

The head of the company is ballet master Amalia Mindrutiu (Romania), with the assistance and cooperation of ballet pedagogues Milica Bezmarević and Doc. Mila Stijak. The piano accompanist of the Ballet of Youth company is Ana Spremić. The company’s work plan is to perform a regular repertoire programme consisting of gala concerts, ballet suites, one-act ballets, all-night ballet performances and original choreographies of classical heritage. The work of the company is focused on preparing students for future professional work in the ensemble.

The Youth Ballet Company realized a large number of concerts within the programme of the National Theater and the Vuk Theater, within which students of primary and secondary ballet schools presented themselves.


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