07. November 2023.




On the stage of Vuk Theatre, on Tuesday, October 24th, starting at 8:00 PM, a Gala concert was performed by the Youth Ballet Company and students from the Belgrade Dance Institute.

Within the program devised and prepared by the professors of the Belgrade Dance Institute – Milica Bezmarević, Assistant Professor Mila Stijak, accompanist Professor Ana Spremić, assisted by Jovica Begojev, the ballet lead of the National Theater and lecturer in Duets, the audience had the opportunity to witness excerpts from:


The Humpbacked Horse



The Gala concert was attended by numerous dignitaries, including Milorad Vukobratović, the Director of the Ballet School Dimitrije Parlić, and classical ballet professor Svetlana Vučinić Stojić, Zora Bokšan Tarundžić, the director, Irena Krešić, a ballet critic, Tanja Rapp, PR from the Madlenianum Opera and Theater, and Žorž Draušnik, a set designer and musician.

The realization of the Gala concert was supported by the Office for Youth of the City of Belgrade as part of the project for the training of young individuals in the field of classical ballet and contemporary dance.

The Youth Ballet Company was founded in 2019 within the Belgrade Dance Institute with the aim of educating and promoting students from elementary and high schools in the area of Belgrade and Serbia. The company is led by the first ballet soloist of the National Theater, Milica Bezmarević, and Assistant Professor Mila Stijak from the Belgrade Dance Institute, in collaboration with visiting educators from the institution. Ana Spremić is the company’s rehearsal pianist. The company’s work plan includes regular repertory performances, consisting of gala concerts, ballet suites, one-act ballets, full-length ballet performances, and original choreographies of classical heritage. The company’s work is focused on preparing participants for future professional work in ensembles. The Youth Ballet Company has conducted numerous concerts as part of the National Theater and Vuk Theatre programs, presenting students from elementary and high ballet schools.


Photography Belkisa Beka Abdulović

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