16. March 2023.




The premiere of the Gala Concert performed by students of the Belgrade Dance Institute and members of the Youth Ballet Company received a standing ovation from the audience tonight. Visitors had the opportunity to watch exceptional performances of the most famous parts of ballet. As the authors and selectors of the program, Milica Bezmarević, Mila Stijak, and Ana Spremić announced, the audience had the opportunity to see variations and parts of the ballets such as The Humpbacked Horse, Pharaoh’s Daughter, Flame of Paris, Esmeralda, and Le Corsaire performed for the first time on the stage of the Vuk Theater in Serbia.

The audience gave a special round of applause to future hopes of Serbian ballet Anastasija Vujnović, Una Stepanović, Tijana Drndarević, and Gabriela Stojančić, who performed demanding ballet feats at a high technical level.

Over thirty members of the Youth Ballet Company, who are regular students of the elementary and high ballet school, as well as students of all years of the Belgrade Dance Institute, performed the Gala Concert program: Simić Danijela, Stepanović Una, Horvat Nina, Đokić Jelena, Milovanov Sonja, Sekulić Vladimir, Tirić Lazar, Stanić Senja, Gmitrović Tea, Manojlović Tea, Marin Andrijana, Prodanović Lana, Stamenković Dunja, Radovanović Milica, Četnik Jovana, Teslić Ana, Medaković Dea, Jović Mila, Vujnović Anastasija, Nikčević Anastasija, Drndarević Tijana, Savković Nikolina, Nedović Nađa, Stanić Filip, Bošković Sonja, Đeković Ana, Svorcan Ana, Đorđević Jana, Emma Keyes, and Stojančić Gabriela.

Due to the high interest of the audience, the Gala Concert program will be performed again in March, and the audience will be informed of the new performance date.


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