13. October 2023.




At the Cultural Center Rakovica, on October 22nd, 2023, starting at 8:00 PM, the graduation concert of Tamara Vidaković, a third-year student of the Belgrade Dance Institute, specializing in Folk Dance and Music, will be performed.



During my studies at the Belgrade Dance Institute and in life in general, I always fulfilled my obligations on time, accurately, and precisely. However, art does not adhere to time constraints, and at times, I had to deviate from my principles and understand that sometimes it’s better to work slowly and with higher quality rather than rush to meet deadlines at the expense of quality. Sometimes one must simply believe that everything will happen when it’s meant to, not necessarily when it’s planned. My studies and the realization of this concert are a true example that, no matter how well we plan, many things will occur that we cannot control. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal will not vanish; instead, the satisfaction upon achieving it will be even greater because you invested more time, more effort, and more of yourself than originally planned, and the quality will be of a higher standard. Hence the name of the concert, FESTINA LENTE – HASTEN SLOWLY, a Latin proverb whose essence lies in the balance of speed and attention in every endeavor, no matter how urgent, because excessive haste breeds mistakes. Just as in classicism, Nikola Boalo stated in his Poetic Art:


Hasten slowly, and without losing courage,

revise your work twenty times: polish it constantly,

polish it again; sometimes add and often erase.

Tamara Vidaković


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