Dance performance studies IUI Transition dance company


Master’s in Dance Performance – Double achievement: rigorous challenges through life in a dance company and demanding master’s studies.

IUI Transitions Dance Company is a dance company created within the Institute for Artistic Dance intended for individuals with a higher education in art who have at least 180 ECTS credits.

IUI Transitions Dance Company is simultaneously engaged in education and experimentation in order to find new forms of choreographic and dancing vocabulary, and ways of expressing the thoughts that the choreographer puts before the dancers as a task.

The result of such a way of working should be finding unexpected, stimulating challenges while working on this work, which will be accessible to a wide audience.

Year 1

  • Methods of Artistic Research
  • Artistic Dance 1
  • Artwork Concept
  • Artistic Dance 2
  • Artwork Production
  • Media lab - dance
  • Media lab - drama
  • Artistic Dance 3

Year 2

  • Improvisation
  • Ballet Methodology
  • Artistic Dance 4
  • Contemporary Stage Technologies
  • Media Lab – Conceptual Art
  • Media Lab – Digital Art
  • Synergy and Transformations
  • Artistic Dance 5
  • Final Paper
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