Artistic dance - Dramatic and audiovisual arts


The graduate study program lasts two years, i.e. four semesters, and consists of sixteen subjects (compulsory and optional) that represent a balance between academically educational, scientific, professionally applied and theoretically methodological subjects. Compulsory courses contribute to general expertise, and electives allow students to further specialize in the chosen fields in order to acquire useful practical and marketable knowledge and skills.

An integral part of the Master’s program is the Master’s thesis of each student, which is the result of the harmonization of theory and practice, and which the student and his mentor create during the entire duration of the program. After defending the Master’s thesis, the student acquires 120 ESPB points and the title of Master of Dramatic and Audiovisual Artist – Artistic Performance.

Year 1

  • Methods of Artistic Research
  • Artistic Dance 1
  • Artwork Concept
  • Artwork Production
  • Artistic Dance 2
  • Elective module 1: Media Lab Dance / Media Lab Drama
  • Elective module 2: Avangarde Theatre / Contemporary Stage Technologies
  • Elective module 3: Exploration of expanded visual media / Direction in dance theater / Choreography 1

Year 2

  • Improvisation
  • Ballet Methodology 1
  • Artistic Dance 3
  • Media Lab – Conceptual Art
  • Synergy and Transformations
  • Ballet Methodology 2
  • Elective module 4: Media Lab Digital Art / Installation and performance
  • Elective module 5: Exploration of expanded visual media / Choreography 2 / Artistic Dance 4
  • Elective module 6: Media Lab Music / Media Lab Drama
  • Final Paper
  • Study research project
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