13. December 2021.


Defense of Master’s thesis by Alisa Oravec


At the Belgrade Dance Institute on December 8th, 2021. Alisa Oravec, student of the Master of Academic Studies of Artistic Dance, successfully defended her Master’s thesis on the topic of We killed Mother, almost.

She spoke publicly before the members of the commission formed by the Scientific-Teaching Council of the Faculty of Assessment and Defense in accordance with Article 26 of the Statute of the Faculty, consisting of:

  1. Prof. dr Miomir Petrović, President of the Commission
  2. Prof. Dijana Milošević, mentor
  3. Prof. dr Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović, member

Pursuant to the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia as well as the Statute of the Faculty, from this moment Alisa Oravec has all the rights and obligations arising from the fact that from the December 8th 2021. has a publicly recognized academic title Master of Drama and Audiovisual Artist – Artistic Dance.




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