11. September 2023.




The grand opening of the exhibition Deconstruction of Movement took place last night at UK Parobrod. The exhibition featured works by master’s and doctoral students from the Belgrade Dance Institute, created under the guidance of Professor Dušica Pejić.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the dean of theBelgrade Dance Institute, Professor dr Vladimir Tomašević, and it was discussed by Professor Dušica Pejić and Professor dr Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović, the vice dean for education.

After the exhibition opening, the audience enjoyed musical compositions performed by Professor Ana Spremić.

The Deconstruction of Movement exhibition will be open to the public until October 1st of this year, marking the beginning of the celebration of the ten-year anniversary of the founding of the Belgrade Dance Institute.





Dance happens in the moment and leaves no trace. Using the body in motion as a tool for drawing, artistic works on the theme of deconstructing movement and rhythm were created. Through this process, movement was transformed into visual art. The energy of movement was captured by integrating visual art and artistic dance.

Master’s students in the Artistic Dance program and doctoral students in the Artistic Dance and Performance program at the Institute of Artistic Dance in Belgrade transposed movement originating in the ballet studio into the visual realm. By employing photography and drawing, they reduced the lines of the body and movement to abstract forms.

Dancer-artists, inspired by various dance poses, transformed them into visually abstract works of art by altering perception.

The “Deconstruction of Movement” project was inspired by Vasily Kandinsky’s approach and his work “Dance Curves,” which is one way to connect performance and visual arts. Additionally, works from the “Rhythm” series represent the materialization and preservation of movement in the flat material of forex.

Throughout the creative process, research was conducted into various ways of connecting artistic dance and visual representation. By shifting focus and approach, our perception of reality and life has been developed and enriched through a different way of thinking, observing, and creating. The integration of performance and visual arts within contemporary artistic practices is an essential part of these different approaches, says Professor Dušica Pejić.


Photography by Belkisa Beka Abdulović

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