28. September 2021.

Dancing diptych – Do you remeber the memories?

 The premiere of a dancing dyptich Do you remember the memories? 


A dancing dyptich Do you remember the memories? is premiered on 29th September 2021 at 7p.m. on the Velenje Festival, Slovenia.


The choreography for this dyptich was created by Daša Grgič (Plenir) and Ognjen Vučinić (A Step Stony).

Dancers: Mojca Majcen and Luka Ostrež (Slovenia), Branko Mitrović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Jakša Filipovac (Serbia).


This time the creators of the dancing dyptich sought for the common cultural heritage, drawing inspiration from traditional national dances, written and oral tradition, music, and traditional games and crafts. The first part choreographed by Daša Grgič is called Plenir, which is a word meaning a valuable basket carried by the seaside women to Trieste, where they would sell their crops so that they can survive during tough times. Their stories and memories are the inspiration for a short choreography intertwined between moving and storytelling. The second part of the diptych, choreographed by Ognjen Vučinić, is called A Step Stony, where Ognjen Vučinić translates traditional national dance Silent kolo (kolo is the original word for Serbian traditional national dance) into a modern-dance expression. Several traditional cultures are familiar with dancing without musical accompaniment and that is why a silent kolo deserved to be a part of the world intangible cultural heritage. Although this dancing hasn’t got musical accompaniment, there is a whole lot to listen to in it.


Production – Velenje Festival, Balkan Dance Project, Tanzelarija Sarajevo and the Organisaton for Affirmation of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in BiH – Let’s live Ballet Dancing.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, i-Portunus, Celje Municipality, and Velenje Municipality.


Photograph by Ksenija Mikor

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