22. March 2022.





Visiting professor of the Belgrade Dance Institute, Rita Gobi (Hungary) held a dance workshop, which was attended by first and second grade students of the Lujo Davičo Ballet High School with the support of Prof. Ivana Ljujić.


We thank the ballet school Lujo Davičo and the director of the school Iva Bojović for their wholehearted support and cooperation.


Rita Góbi was born in Novi Sad and graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy in Budapest.

She has participated in various international dance workshops and residency programs such as OMI DANCE Residency based in the USA, VARP residency at SE.S.TA-Korespon Dance, Czech Republic, and Morishita Studio, Tokyo, from the Japan Foundation.

In 2006, she founded the dance company Góbi. Since then, she has created several contemporary dance productions, interactive performances for children and participated in various interdisciplinary projects (opening exhibitions, fashion shows, etc.). In recent years, Rita has collaborated with artists abroad, and has toured the world with her performances. Her solo piece Volitant has won several domestic and international awards, and she will present the same piece at this year’s Solo Festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.

She is a professor of dance at the Nemes Nagy Ágnes School of Art, and regularly holds workshops in Hungary and abroad at various festivals. She also works as a choreographer by invitation in puppet theaters and movement theaters in working with actors.

Rita Góbi’s works could best be described as bold and experimental, as well as precisely choreographed. It has a geometric, minimalist, rather reductionist style. Her concept of choreography is based on instinctive, monotonous and repetitive, miniature movements, and phaseing of the body and changes in the state that arise from these movements. It transforms the line of movement slowly and consistently. A chord of movement, music, projected visual effects and lights create a futuristic atmosphere for her performances.


Prizes and awards

2021 DANCE XXIII. International Contemporary Festival (Veszprém) – Award for Best Solo Performance – Rita Góbi: Volitant; Marina Olenjina Award of the Association of Dance Artists of Vojvodina to choreographer Rita Góbi, 2020 Novi Sad, Serbia

Lábán Rudolf Award 2018, Budapest – Volitant received the award for the best contemporary dance performance in the 2017 season. The performance also won the Award for the most successful performance as a whole at the 45th Infant Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia.

2017 Aerowaves Twenty18 – priority artist; Special award at the 10th Sentidos Festival in Valencia for her solo dance Volitant; she also received the Golden Cross of the Hungarian Cross of Merit.

Award for the best dance performer in 2015 in the category of contemporary Hungarian dance offered by the Hungarian Dance Association; 2nd prize in Krakow at 3… .2 …. 1 …. Choreography competition for her piece Tachyon; 1st prize at the Solo & Duo Cologne Dance Festival for the best solo dance for her performance Don’t Fuss!

Audience Award 2009, XII. International competition in miniature choreography, Belgrade, Serbia.

2004-2005 Viktor Fülöp received a scholarship twice.

2003 Most promising student – National Dance Federation.


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