12. October 2021.




An exhibition of works from the collection of the Šumatovac Crossings will be presented in the Gallery of the Cultural Center Niš from October 7th to October 21st, 2021. The work of Prof. dr. Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović, the vice dean for teaching at the Belgrade Dance Institute, will be shown within the exhibition. The painting Rhythm 12 from the cycle Internal Rhythms, which will be shown, has been in the Šumatovačka collection since 2014.

Šumatovačka as a cultural institution, was founded by the city of Belgrade, and is located in the heart of Vračar, one of the oldest municipalities. As such, it has been nurturing, for a whole decade, its collection, which was created through donations and purchases of works by a large number of artists from our active art scene. Most of the authors whose works are an integral part of the collection attended the preparations in Šumatovačka, taught or exhibited their works within the Stepenište gallery.

Today, the collection contains works by several generations of authors. Our idea, within the collection itself, was to, in addition to focusing on young authors, cross / intertwine and create a kind of network of all artists who are active on the domestic art scene. And such processes are always more demanding and somewhat more complicated than simply collecting works.

The collection has existed since 2010 and since then it has become richer every year for several new works and authors. On this occasion, a section / selection was made in which we want to present the works of authors whose aesthetics go into the domain of intersections and crossroads. Social, emotional, social, implied by external and internal influences. The selection was not easy, but by visiting Niš, we wanted to present works that can be read as works at the crossroads, in the city on the Nišava, which for centuries was a city of intersections of important roads and great crossroads of peoples. On this occasion, we crossed the work of Kosta Bogdanović and Lidija Krnjajić, Branko Miljuš and Branislav Nikolić, Snežana Arnautović and Aleksandar Jevtić … symbolically, artistically, formally. In each of these works, one can notice a cross-section and a crossroads that motivates the observer to think about different types of crossroads where an individual finds himself in his daily, but also life course. At these crossroads, he chooses, finds, thinks about the direction and direction of his further actions and travels, both through time and through space, not knowing what awaits him at the end of that chosen path.

With this exhibition, we want to encourage observers and the Niš audience to be ready to stop at every crossroads and think about their next step, while enjoying the artistic expression of the authors presented at the exhibition of the Center for Art Education Šumatovačka called Crossings.


Danijela Rančić, co-author of the installation


Authors whose works will be presented on this occasion:

  1. Momčilo Moma Antonović
  2. Radoš Antonijević
  3. Srđan Apostolović
  4. Snežana Arnautović
  5. Kosta Bogdanović
  6. Asja Vasiljev
  7. Andrej Vasiljević
  8. Uroš Đurić
  9. Vanja Ignjac
  10. Zdravko Joksimović
  11. Aleksandar Jevtić
  12. Vladimir Komad
  13. Žolt Kovač
  14. Lidija Krnjajić
  15. Jadran Krnajski
  16. Nemanja Milenković
  17. Branko Miljuš
  18. Branislav Nikolić
  19. Dušan Otašević
  20. Federiko Konti Pikamus
  21. Nenad Ristović
  22. Petra Sibinović
  23. Marko Stajić
  24. Dragoljub Raša Todosijević
  25. Nina Todorović
  26. Anja Tončić
  27. Maja Rakočević Cvijanov
  28. Jovan Čekić
  29. Ljiljana Šunjevarić

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