05. July 2021.

Celebration of the French Institute 70th anniversary in Serbia

Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the French Institute in Serbia

On June 21, 2021 in Knez Mihajlova Street it was celebrated the 70th anniversary of the French Institute in Serbia. As a part of the celebration programme performed for this occasion, the Belgrade Dance Institute students and professors danced to the choreography created by French artists Christoph Beranger and Jonathan Pranlas-Descours – Sine Qua Non Art.

The dancing performance took place in the windows of the French Institute and on the plateau in front of large audience.  This performance also announced the graduation play Shelter by the students of the Belgrade Dance Institute, which was prepared by the choreographers Christophe Beranger and Jonathan Pranlas-Descours and is performed on June 29 as a part of the BELEF Festival in the Bitef Theatre.

Foto Nemanja Maraš
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