12. October 2021.

Another way of communication

Another way of communication


Prof. Dr. Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović will present her work within the international project The Second Way of Communication by Dr. Isidora Fićović, which was selected in a competition of 42 art projects from Serbia. The project includes five artists from Belgrade and Berlin, who will use works and dialogue to consider man’s relationship to the body as his most immediate nature.


“Happiness is in connection and compassion with others, as a source of hope, empathy, responsibility and authenticity. The real purpose of art is to communicate feelings. The global experience of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused changes in the way society works: working from home, online teaching, meetings on different internet platforms, so establishing interpersonal relationships as other ways of communication is a challenge.The project includes artists from Belgrade and Berlin, whose works and dialogue will consider the human relationship to the body, as its most immediate nature, and this relationship speaks of human relationship to nature. The development of the senses and ecological awareness improves the environment, but also aims to establish empathic interpersonal relationships, sociability and culture.The language of contemporary art is a field of re-examining other ways of communicating with different human senses, tactility, manual work, bodily gestural free movement in space, overcoming the limited typing gesture by mobile phone screen and computer keyboard, where conversation with others is limited to the sense of sight and hearing “, said members of the project’s organizing team in Belgrade, consisting of: Isidora Fićović (author), Ivana Vidić (coordinator) and Pavle Knezević (PR).


The project includes several phases: open call, production of works of art, online platform with presentation of works / exhibition and Zoom meeting.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia. The project partner from Berlin is Apartment Project.

You can see more about the project HERE.


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