06. December 2021.




On the Grand Stage of the Vuk Theater on Wednesday, November 10th, starting at 8 pm, the final play A Practical Guide to Superstition by Katarina Ilijašević of the choreography department was premiered before a three-member commission and audience, Prof. dr Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović, mentor and members of the commission Prof. Dijana Milošević, and Prof. Dr. Miomir Petrovic.


The play was created under the mentorship of Prof. dr Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović and co-mentorship of Professor Ognjen Vučinić, directed by Luka Jovanov.


“When fear turns into religion, not all candles can make enough smoke for the message to reach the desired heavenly forces. And then, the avoidance of  ladders becomes life below them. We will try to make a wish – we need encounters, we need afterwards to cuddle and caress each other, to wake up together, because it is stupid to wake up alone on the first of January, it is miserable to be alone, we need the audience, to see how happy we are celebrating our New Year, another faster than the previous one, to have someone to see how we were happy, how we touched, how we danced, howled, changed music, ate pork, wore red clothes, we need an audience to witness our better selves, we need to meet ourselves again at dusk when everything passes, but the key point is to have someone to tell us the story afterwards. And that’s why we light candles. And that’s why we don’t go anywhere without a ball of red thread. That’s why we gather. That’s why we bow. And that’s why, there’s nothing practical in another practical guides – (almost) we have shamelessly invented everything. “


The play was performed by Jovana Grujić, Tijana Koprivica, Dika Babić and Djordje Galić.


Visual identity by Dunja Maksimović, Nikola Radeka is in charge of sound design and Nikola Krdžić did the poster design.


Photography by Prof. Nemanja Maraš

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