06. December 2021.




The dance performance based on the book Josip and his brothers by Thomas Mann was performed last night on the stage of the Student City Cultural Center and was accompanied by standing ovations from the audience.


Choreographer: Prof. Aleksandar Ilić

Libretto: Teodora Sujić

Costume: Katarina Radošević Galić (Croatia) and Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović (Serbia)

Music adaptation: Georg Draušnik (Croatia)


The play was co-produced by the Belgrade Dance Institute from Belgrade, the Liberdance Free Dance Ensemble from Zagreb and the Kamenjak Theater of Rajko Pavlić from Zagreb.


Performed by:

Lara Frgačić, Silvija Music, Dora Šesto (Croatia), Natalija Trifunović, Katarina Ilijašević (alumni of the Belgrade Dance Institute, Serbia)


 About the show:

At a time when we are once again living in the challenges posed by the global pandemic, in the play Joseph and His Brothers, in a dance adaptation, choreographer Prof. Ilić puts the biblical story into reality, using modern means of mythology, psychology, philosophy, archeology, religion and philology.

 The play premiered on the stage of the Zagreb Dance Center on September 27th, 2021.


Photos: Jana Milenković

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