17. November 2022.




The  Little Theater Duško Radović  celebrated its 73rd birthday on October 23rd at 6 p.m. As part of the celebration, annual and jubilee awards were presented, which were decided by a jury consisting of Branislava Stefanović (director), Ana Tomović (director) and Nenad Radović (actor).

Among the presented awards, awards were given to the Assistant Professor of the Belgrade Dance Institute Mila Stijak, and to the third-year student of the Belgrade Dance Institute, Miona Petrović.


A special award for nurturing the musical heritage and incorporating the opera expression into contemporary children’s theater was awarded to the performance Children’s Room, an opera for children by the composer Milenko Živković, based on the motifs of a short story by Desanka Maksimović, directed by Natalija Stanković and Mateja Đedović, premiered on November 12th and 13th of 2021., on the stage of the Little Theatre Duško Radović. The cast of the opera consists of Biljana Jovanović, Boris Papak, Olivera Krivokuća, Isidora Bogdanović, Sara Ristić, Mina Nikolić, Choir of the Children’s Cultural Center Belgrade, soloists of the Vojislav Vučković Music School, participants of the Opera: Past, Present, Perfect! project, dancers of the Ballet Youth Company, and others. The opera was performed under the conductor’s baton of maestro Milan Nedeljković, and the choreography was signed by Mila Stijak and Ana Bošković.


Little Theatre Duško Radović also awarded a special award for the introduction of the European model of democracy in the theater for young people, to a dramatic play ”Bolje polje ili igranje republike” directed by Aleksandra Jelić, based on the text by Bogdan Španjević and choreography by Miona Petrović, a student of the Belgrade Dance Institute, which was created as a result of a dramatic process and creative collaboration with students of the 6th and 8th grades of Ilija Birčanin Elementary School.



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