06. December 2021.




On November 24th, 2021, at 7 pm, in the small hall of the Student City Cultural Center, the premiere of the film 64.74 (psychological thriller genre) by Katarina Stojković, will be presented, which is also her master’s thesis at the Belgrade Dance Institute under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Miomir Petrović.


Author team:

Director – Katarina Stojković

Screenwriter – Katarina Stojković

Director of Photography – Luka Stojković

Camera – Luka Stojković

Editing – Luka Stojković

Costume design – Katarina Stojković

Production – KLS films (Katarina and Luka Stojković)

Actors – Vladimir Čubrilo, Vladimir Đordjević, Tijana Malek, Mila Stijak, Katarina Bućić, Miloš Šupić, Luka Stojković, Ivan Mišić, Danilo Stojković, Doroteja Sinadinovski, Jon Guelas

Year of filming – 2021

Location – Belgrade, Serbia

Duration – 54 min

Language – English (Serbian subtitle)


The screenplay of the feature film 64.74 shows the inner struggle of the individual Liam, a subject in a scientific experiment, trapped in a world between reality and illusions. You lose the exact notion of real life and the question arises what is real and what is fictional? How people from the shadows rule the world, how they play chess where ordinary people are pawns and “scramble” minds without being responsible for the consequences they create. The theme of the film deals with the game of one human mind after a horrible accident, while the idea is based on the very control of that mind game by people conducting scientific experiments on the masses, trying to impose beliefs we believe in or are imposed to believe in and to look like an independent decision without being aware of the knowledge of imposing it, believing that it is a free will. The game they lead is based on neuropsychological research, using psychoactive substances that cause unrealistic scenarios in the subject’s head, waiting for his reaction to them, monitoring and studying him for the sake of knowledge, understanding and control of the human mind. The film is a great dance in which everyone has a role to play, imbued with the ideological guiding principle of neoliberalism as well as the freedom of choice itself, which is questionable today. Observing the main character Liam and his life, the plot is viewed from the very center of another, new perspective of his mind. His thoughts are interwoven with threads of subjective reality that borders on a dose of madness, which increases after a new dose of the psychoactive substance he consumes. Each new dose increases the suspicion of him as a character who can be conceived as a man on the verge of madness, on the verge of normalcy, a character who is losing his mind or have lost it a long time ago. He can be experienced as a guinee pig of a great global game of ruling people or as a completely ordinary man who sank into the sea of ​​irrational, lonely life due to the disaster that befell him. The very end of the film sets a task for each viewer: creating their own solution to this story. In 54 minutes, the viewer has the opportunity to explore, put himself in the role of a detective and actively follow and find various clues so that he can form his own course of action. The end of the film offers various possibilities of comprehension, interpretation, emotional experience and identification due to the possibility of independently choosing the outcome of the film as a free choice that exists in society and yet carefully hidden, imperceptibly imposed by the setter of the rules.


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