18. May 2022.

Awarded and special praise of Terpsichore

The Award of Terpsichore went to Ana Ignjatovi Zagorac, a member of the Bitef Dance company and pedagogy of Contemporary Dance, and special praise went to Miona Petrović, contemporary dancer, performer, and choreographer, who was also a member of the Bitef Dance company.

The award and special praise are awarded in 2022, the eleventh year in order, on the occasion of World Dance Day, the International Holiday celebrated by entire world, which established international advice for dance-CID UNESCO. Previous winners of the awards Terpsichore are Ana Pavlović Ballet 1st Soloist, Konstantin Kostjukov Ballet 1st Soloist, Mira Nešić Classical Ballet Pedagogue, Bojana Žegarac Knežević Ballet 1st Soloist, Milan Rus Ballet 1st Soloist, Igor Pastor Ballet 1st Soloist and Olga Olćan Miljević Ballet 1st Soloist of Ballet National Theater in Belgrade.

From the explanation of the Jury for the TerpSihora Award:

Ana Ignjatović Zagorac is one of the founders of the contemporary dance scene in Serbia, and from the very beginnings of her dance career, she worked on the affirmation of contemporary dance in the region and improving its position on the cultural scene.

She’s a freelance artist, a member of the Bitef Dance company, and teaches contemporary dance at the Lujo Davičo Ballet School in Belgrade.

She participated in a large number of observed roles at the Bitef Theater, KPGT, and Madlenianum in performances, and received a large number of awards and recognitions, of which the most important golden badges of the cultural and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia and Smiljana Mandukić are the most important. The Association of Ballet Artists of Serbia for the best interpretation of a contemporary dance play Wanting machines.

The jury especially emphasizes that Ana is sacrificed in the pedagogical work of future dancers and their improvement in the field of contemporary dance, and this award is a modest recognition for her entire art opus, with a desire to look at the scene for a long time.

In the explanation of special praise, the jury states:
Miona Petrovi first encountered artistic dance while studying with Jelena Katić, and four years later at the Kids Cultural Center, where she studied modern ballet with Olga Vuković and jazz ballet with Eta Kovačević and Dragana Stanisavljević.

She’s a freelance artist, contemporary dancer, performer, choreographer, and member of the Bitef Dance company.
She achieved a large number of roles on the stage of Bitef Theater, Madlenianum, within the Balkan Dance Project, as well as independent productions.

Miona Petrović perfectly improved during her professional career and is on that path and the way of her education at the Belgrade Dance Institute, department of Choreography.

The jury especially emphasizes Miona’s strong contribution to contemporary dance in our country, and this special praise pays respect and support for further success.

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