Belgrade Dance Institute organizes the fourth summer dance seminar SUMMER DANCE CAMP VRANJE 2018 in Vranje.

This 10-day seminar in Vranje includes classical ballet, Contemporary dance, GaGa technique and yoga, managed by the prominent experts in these artistic fields.

The results achieved during the seminar will be publicly performed at the Gala Concert on July 10th at Dom vojske in Vranje.

The participants will be accommodated at High School-student dorm (Dom učenika srednjih škola) in Vranje, provided with full board, free Internet, gym and various sports and recreation programs.

The lectures will be held by Bahram M. Juldašev (Russia), Lidija Pavlović (Serbia), Mbulelo Ndabeni (UK), Justina Kalbarczyk (Poland), Bojan Mikić (Serbia) and Ana Spremić (Serbia), pianist

The seminar in Vranje will last from July 1st – July 10th 2018.

Departure from Belgrade is on June 30th, at 11.00 a.m., front of Belgrade Dance Institute, 43 Vojvode Misica Boulevard.

SUMMER DANCE CAMP VRANJE 2018 has been supported by the Mayor of Vranje,Slobodan Milenkovic M.D., City government of Vranje, Dom vojske and High School-student dorm in Vranje.

The summer seminar in Vranje has been designed for students of primary and secondary ballet schools, dance schools and clubs, students of Belgrade Dance Institute and professionals from Serbia and the region.

The price of the seminar is €200 for the students from Serbia, and €300 for the students from other countries. The price includes transport from Belgrade, accommodation, full board, excursions, and participation at the Gala concert.

For more information please contact Students Services, Belgrade Dance Institute +381 11 41 40 420, every working day from 09.00 to 17.00 or email: institutzaumetnickuigru@gmail.com.

Gala concert 2017 HERE.

Summer Dance camp Vranje 2017 photo HERE.