Postgraduate in dance performance – Dual achievement: rigorous challenges through life in a dance company and demanding master studies.

IUI Transitions Dance Company is a dance company created as a unit within the Belgrade Dance Institute and is dedicated to individuals with higher education in the arts that have acquired at least 180 ECTS credits (3-year undergraduate studies).

IUI Transitions Dance Company is, at the same time, engaged in education and experimentation designed for finding new forms of dance and choreographic vocabulary, and expression of choreographer’s ideas that are placed as a task before the dancers. The result of such work techniques is discovering the unexpected and stimulating challenges working on a new piece, which will be available to a wide audience.

The company will bring together remarkable young choreographers and dancers in order to create an original piece, or to perform the most interesting pieces of respectable choreographers and dancers around the world.

Prof. Aleksandar Ilic, head of the Master program of dance performances – IUI Transition Dance Company said: “With regard to the possibility to study in the field of dance performance, students have an opportunity to experience life in a dance company, they will work with innovative choreographers and artists to create new pieces, which will be on the repertoire on numerous tours in Serbia and the region. On the basis of experience and practice in performance, students will improve their abilities. That is a key aspect of their studies and that will give them support in the future —- to become spokespeople of the art of dance.”

To become the best performer you have to develop the advanced skills needed to work in today’s professional artistic environment. Program of the Belgrade Dance Institute “Transitions Dance Company” is the first postgraduate program at a higher education institution and, from its inception, enjoys an outstanding reputation for technical excellence and originality; enables you to connect with professionals during your education; develops the skills of critical analysis and directs you towards making your master thesis; the program is designed in a way that you can complete the master studies within 2 years.


  • You will join the professional troop, and will be touring the country and abroad;
  • You will be performing in original pieces during the year that various choreographers have created and getting an insight into the different creative processes;
  • You will contextualize your practice during the master studies;
  • You will use a variety of dance practice through the active networking with professional dance artists, as well as exceptional teaching staff at the Belgrade Dance Institute.
  • You will spend considerable time during mentoring one-on-one sessions with recognized artists from Serbia and abroad.

Transitions is constantly evolving and reflects changes in the dance scene, while ensuring immediate employability of graduates.

Note: you need to be admitted to Master studies to be able to participate in the Transitions Dance Company. Preliminary auditions will be organized in order to ensure that for each applicant a comprehensive impression will be formed regarding the individual skills and potential.


This challenging experience is aimed to help you grow into a performer who will effectively and creatively contribute to the profession, not only as a professional but as an eloquent interlocutor for performance and performance practice. As you improve your skills, you will have the opportunity to generate a deeper understanding of the technical and artistic complexity inherent in the performance. Thus, you will be encouraged to think critically about your development during studies and in the wider theoretical contexts.

You will have the following courses:

Number Course ECTS
1. Methodology of Artistic Research 8
2. Artistic Dance 1 7
3. Artwork Concept 7
4. Artistic Dance 2 7
5. Artwork Production 7
6. Media Lab – Dance 8
7. Media Lab – Drama 8
8. Artistic Dance 3 8
9. Improvisation 6
10. Ballet Teaching Methods 7
11. Artistic Dance 4 7
12. Contemporary Scenography Technologies 6
13. Media lab – Conceptual Art 7
14. Media Lab – Digital Art 8
15. Synergies and Transformations 7
16. Electives 1 6
17. Final Paper 6


You can develop the project (Master’s thesis) after spending time at Transitions, which can be organized in the form of lecture-demonstrations, written dissertation, or project-based practice, along with supporting documentation.

The master program can be attended by the full time students only.

For more details see our program specification (currently available for the academic year 2016/2017).


To submit the evidence of acquired minimum 180 ECTS credits (three-year or four-year accredited study);

To pass the audition;

To be fluent in English (conversational level).



Audition for IUI Transition Dance Company – Dance Master program performance will be held on March 18th and 19th, 2017 at 10.00. Audition will be held by Maria Koliopolou.

The company will start on September 18th, 2017.